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We can supply, install and commission package pumping stations from all the major suppliers.

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    A packaged pumping station, also known as a sump pump, a sewage station, or a pump chamber, is a mechanical and electrical device installed in a sewer, water system, or other liquid-carrying pipeline to move a liquid to a higher level.

    At Pump Services Surrey we provide, install, and commission package pumping stations from all major manufacturers. In some circumstances where a package pump station does not suit we can build a bespoke pumping station to your requirements.

    Pump Station Installation

    Package Pump Station Installation

    Sanitary pumping stations are part of a larger wastewater system. Our houses and businesses are all linked by a network of pipes that transport our wastewater to a treatment plant where it is cleansed and reintroduced back into the environment.

    Our team of fully qualified engineers are on hand 24/7 to support your pump installation from the moment your enquiry is received through to pump service aftercare. Providing the highest quality service, we ensure your pump installation goes as smoothly as possible so that you can continue on with business as usual.

    Bespoke Pump Installation

    The service can be tailored to your requirements and also be carried out over a weekend or during the night.

    We are truly independent and can purchase a package pump station from all recognised manufacturers around the world.

    When we supply a package pump station we offer a full service from supply, to civils, to commissioning and aftercare.

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    Pump Services Surrey are an independently owned business with a trading history from 1977. Whether you are the owner of a single pumping station or a multinational, our customer focus is applied in the same way. We supply, install and service both submersible and non-submersible pumping equipment. We also offer comprehensive maintenance contracts, to both the equipment we install and equipment installed by other contractors.